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TS Design offers brand strategy, full web design, and brand material and asset build-outs that result in a solid brand that you can confidently use on your own. Driven by my focus that design should be intentional and purposeful not just fluffy pretty for the sake of being pretty. There should be a firm brand foundation composed of the mission/vision of the brand, personality of the founder and the audience you want to serve. 




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+ Must have brand design in place

+ Your choice of (3) professionally designed and on-brand templates for social media, lead magnets, workbooks, presentation slides, course content, style guides, and more. 

+ Brand Audit to determine gaps in client experience and to help address them. 

Marketing material DESIGN

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 investment starts at $2,000

+ Brand Discovery 

+ Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark

+ Fonts selection

+ Color Palette

+ Brief Positioning Statement

+ Brand Direction/Style Guide


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investment starts at $5,000

Flexible payment plans offered

+ Brand Discovery 
+ Creative brand direction
+ Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark
+ Fonts selection
+ Color Palette
+ Comprehensive Brand positioning
+ Brand Direction/Style Guide
+ Brand Launch Graphics 
+ (4) Custom marketing materials designed and on-brand templates for social media, lead magnets, workbooks, presentation slides, course content, style guides, and more. 


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 investment starts at $7,500

Flexible payment plans offered

Not sure if a rebrand if what you need? 

A have the perfect solution for you!

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$850/90 MINS

Here is what you'll get:

+ Brand Strategy Session (60 mins)
On the call I’ll get some background on you and your biz so I can do an effective audit, and we’ll chat through strategy and creative direction so you can get clearer on your brand gaps and opportunities.

+ Video Walkthrough Assessment of Marketing Material
My direct insights via video on your current marketing materials, which could include onboarding docs to funnels.


inclusions and investment

This will allow you to get a designer and brand strategist's insight on your business. A honest and intentional look into your current brand, visual identity, messaging, positioning and customer journey. Also, how to take your brand to the next level while serving and making an impact to your audience.

This is for you if:

 - You feel like you don't have a full grasp on your brand and visual identity and would love to garner that brand confidence.

 - Stuck and want to show up in a more aligned and intentional way.

- Feel like there is something missing between what's in your head and what you put out to the world and your audience.

we all need a little clarity to move forward or better yet get an experienced and fresh set of eyes on our business.

"a little clarity"

After the design is finalized you will receive all agreed upon file types along with a brand style guide that will aid in guiding further brand design. From here, we move on to the branded stationery and coordination for print. The end goal is a brand that is consistent throughout and truly represents your vision.



Now that we have a guiding light for our design process, which will include (3) rounds of revisions. I will begin by creating concepts and based upon your feedback we will refine to perfect the design. During this process collaboration and feedback are key to creating a design that you will love.



This stage is all about connection and brand discovery. This will begin with the completion of a questionnaire which will give me the necessary information about your brand and the content for your project. I will then go into the research phase to truly dive deep. If further information/clarification is needed a video call will be scheduled to cultivate the right vision.




In this guide you'll get all the deets on my prices, packages, and processes! 


Get some of the details into how a project with me would look like to see if it's a good fit for you.

More details on all the ways to work with me because I'm all about the options (I hate putting anyone in a box).

Answers to commonly asked questions about my process and even what happens when it's all over.


Chrissie riese - data driven rebel

Everything is in total alignment - I love it all. Truly - I don't think I've ever been so smitten with something so quickly.

Now that I've worked with Terrica once...I don't want to work with anyone else. She just gets it. Easily one of the top 5 investments I've made for my business. 

Holy fucking shit, you totally nailed it. I'm literally 🤯

(please use that as a testimonial, lol)


Terrica's easy going and flexible work style is paired with an attention to detail and eye for design that makes for a wonderful partnership in the design of your brand. I would definitely suggest working with her for any of your design needs!
She's a true pro.

The BEST thing I gained was a beautiful suite of materials that have given me the confidence to go out there and promote myself and my business.


I appreciate the last minute help on this project. My expectation was BEYOND exceeded as I was hoping for some minor shifts and you gave me a BRAND NEW DESIGN that is AMAZING.
I'm BEYOND happy.

My entire experience was amazing... The end result was MORE than I had hoped and it was all done quickly and efficiently. I'm SO HAPPY!!!

- Tamara MacDonald

That's EXACTLY how I feel about Terrica Strozier. She is the amazing talent behind my new branding for Funnels On Fire. If you are in the market for a branding strategist & designer who is phenomenally talented, will work with you and the vision you have, and will deliver a product you want to rave about, then you need to connect with Terrica

Have you ever worked with someone and you were beyond thrilled with the product they created, the service they provided, and the entire experience from start to finish, that you wanted to shout it from the rooftops and tell all of your friends?!?

some love from amazing clients

With over 15 years of digital/print design experience, creating brands, and a Masters in Human Services. I've developed a method of integrating intentional design + customer focused brand experience. 

I have a passion for service and as a self-described "people nerd" people matter to me more than revenue. This passion is fueled by cocktails (rum or whiskey please), all things sugar, 90s R&B/Hip-Hop and trap music. I can't wait to pour this passion and vision into your business.

A southern girl hailing from Atlanta, with a whole lotta heart and wit that doesn't quit (not like the shake machine at mickey d's).

I believe that simplicity is key, a rebellious spirit will get you far and that true progress is a process. 

Hey there, I'm Terrica - brand designer, people nerd and cocktail lover

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