data driven Rebel

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Brand strategy/design, website customization + collateral

The secret behind the Data Driven Rebel is none other than Chrissie Riese. A data analyzing, bottleneck snapping, marketing strategy nerd that is out to make a mark in these business streets. Armed with data, quick wit and a passion to serve others by providing data focused solutions that set you on the path for success, not piece mealing you with the new next bestest strategy.

Chrissie came to me knowing that where she was and where she wanted to be weren't yet quite aligned. So during our time together (she hasn't gotten rid of me yet lol) I've crafted a brand identity and foundation that's indicative of her rebel energy, focused efforts and driving force to shake shit up. I infused that rebel spirit as it truly aids in creating a culture all of her own in contrast to the norm and tradition in the current marketing space.